Walking around Huaraz

Just the next time when I arrived in Huaraz, i just wanted to get a good overview where i actually was now in this country. Of course reaching some more altitude is good for gaining a better overview. I just asked some people where i can go nearby to have a good view.A nice and kindly man borrowed me his cap. I guess, that i did not looked prepared enough for a long walk in the sun at this altitude. Think about this – Huaraz is at an altitude of around 3000 meters. So having a cap against the sun was a good idea.

Probably i never got to wherei actually wanted to go. At some point i just started to walk hill upwards, no matter if i’m still on the supposed track. But there i actually got my view and for me it was amazing.

Walking through the “desert”

After visiting the shrine of the moon (Huaca de la Luna) I got the idea to walk on top of the nearby hill. My friend said immediately “Yes, let’s do it so.” There was no doubt about this idea. 100_7563

So we started walking with our Flip Flops and without any water bottle. I mean this hill seemed to be pretty small…well first problem we got was walking in the deep sand with our “shoes”. It didn’t work out too well, so we continued to barefooted. Wow, that was hot! After some minutes I thought my feet are going to be burned. Anyway we kept on walking. My strategy was walking 5 minutes with Flip Flops and 5 minutes barefooted.


After a while we got a bit higher and reached the rest of the hill, out of stones.


100_7669Since the stones had big holes and there were a few bees flying around, we decided not to go any further. As well it still looked quiet far and we were already exhausted from the heat. But still the view was really nice from higher up.


Huaca de la Luna – Shrine of the moon

Huaca de la Luna lies a bit outside of Trujillo and it is worth visiting. It reveals the culture of the Moche, a very old civilization in Peru a long time ago. It is best to read about it out of an original sources. First i went to the museum “Huacas de Moche” to get a first impression of the new culture.



After a visit in the museum you can take a van to the former village “Huaca de Moche”. It is impressive and it lies in a big desert.





You have to go with a guide first, who explains how the former city lied in that area.  Around and in the Shrine of the moon the excavation is still going on. From the Shrine of the moon you can look at the Shrine of the Sun. This is quiet impressive. But before the tour started i saw an peruvian hairless dog, my first and only one. Well i m not 100 % sure if it is a pure race or a mix but still, it was an interesting dog.




And here I will be showing some pictures of the Shrine of the Moon:







On the picture above you can the the Shrine of the Sun. It is still under work. So we only visited the other Shrine, which was huge and interesting as well as you can see on the other pics above.

After this walk we wanted to climb the small mountain which lies in the background of the “Huaca de Moche”. (left side you can see the “Huaca de Moche”, middle the “mountain”, right the museum)



Trying to go on top of the mountain wasn’t a good idea at all…i tell you more soon!

Trujillo and surroundings


As far as I can remember the bus ride from Chiclayo to Trujillo is around 5 hours. In comparisons to my ride beforehand, it was quiet short. But it is always enjoyable to look out the window inhaling new impressions. My plan was to stay a few days in Trujillo and then go to Huaraz. Huaraz is located on an altitude of approximately 3.000m, where the climate is fresher than at the coast. For that reason I wanted to stay a bit longer in Trujillo to enjoy the warm climate there.


As I arrived in the night time, I only had a look at the city center the next day. The main plaza is really nice with all the colorful houses around. A friend and I just walked around through the city. Later in the evening time we went to watch the football match between Peru and Colombia. Colombia won! Well, I was happy – it was an enjoyable day with good company.


The next days I planned to go to Huanchaco and Huacas of Moche. Huanchaco is know for its beautiful beach and good waves for surfing. It is a cute village. A friend and I went there for the whole day. It was enjoyable. I also had the chance to try Surfing. It was fun but it needs a lot more practice. Next time….


I’m looking forward to show the pictures from Huacas of Moche…


Art, what actually is art?

There exist so many different kind of arts. Music, Painting, Drawing, fashion, etc. , the art of living, the art of loving, the art of writing…oh yes there are so many different types. This topic could get really philosophically now. Every human being has its own philosophical characteristics, or not? Anyhow there are many possibilities of existing and of enjoying art. Who knows what i don’t know? Anyway point here is that I love art, i would say so, but i ‘m not seeing myself as an artist. I’m on the other side, that means i’ m the visitor and admirer…


During my first travels i found my soul-mate – Mel. She is a great person and an artist. I’m proud to present here two pieces of here work.




Great work it is indeed – i enjoy looking at it and now i’ m wondering what the dog is dreaming about and why trees are flying…?



It is a kind of different world…the same when you are in your own dream world, everything is becoming so surreal and nevertheless it is very inspiring. Thanks Mel 🙂

Here works is for sale. Here you can find more:



Early in the morning, I heard someone calling my name and shaking the tent. It was the guy from Switzerland from last night. I said, you are back early and what happened. He told me that the weather was miserable and the sight was really poor, so their guide couldn’t find their way and they had to go back. This wasn’t a good motivation but during the night I was pretty sure that in this kind of weather you can’t climb the summit or at least it is better to wait and not to try at all. But the guys were kind of busy, so they wanted to head down to the valley immediately after a disappointing night trek. They asked if we want to join because there would have been enough space in the Jeep and the weather forecast wasn’t good either,but we negated.

Then we want back to sleep, everyone alone with their thoughts. After a few hours, in the later morning time, we still found ourselves in a rainy and windy day and of course this wasn’t a big surprise. I decided for myself to wait and stay inside until the worst would pass by, but the group consensus was different. So half an hour later I found myself outside in the snow rain. At least I got some breakfast inside me. I didn’t feel good because I was still suffering from my cold and my bad stomach. After getting soaked outside, every inch of us was wet, we finally got back into the tent. What a relief! There we changed clothes, heated up again, and went back to sleep a bit more. In the middle of the day the weather got better and we had a look around.The view was spectacular now!

And of course we had to dry our soaked clothes in the wind and in the few patches of sun. Repairing and reinstalling the tent was another thing to do. The following night wouldn’t get any better, this was certain.

The next day we had more luck and the day started without any snow rain, so we prepared ourselves to go up to the glacier for doing some exercises in the snow.

But finding the right way to the glacier turned out more difficult than we thought. Finally, after some hours of walking and searching we actually got from the rocks to the wither ground.

We put on our equipment and revised everything. This was a good practice but I realized as well that my body wasn’t in good and sufficient health estate. The illness made me weak. But still I had the wish to try. When we only return to our camp late in the afternoon and only went back to sleep around 8ish, it was clear that we won’t head to the summit at 11pm. It was just no possible with my strength at this time. The next morning we left the base camp and got down to warmer area. We need to relax after these cold and windy days. So we decided to head out to Banos some days. From there we would start our expedition to the highest mountain of Ecuador, the volcano Chimborazo.

Soon there will be published an article over our whole expedition in spanish from Jaime Tinoco on this blog. Thank you very much for that!

Mountains and more mountains

After the Cotopaxi, the Cayambe

Did you actually know that there are so many Volcanos in Ecuador? Of course you did and as I’m a student of an Alexander-von-Humboldt School, I’ve to say, that this guy named the valley between the Cordillera Oriental and the Cordillera Real „Straße der Vulkane“ – the streets of volcanoes.

Out of the possibility to climb many volcanos we decided to try the Cayambe next. The Cayambe is less popular then the Cotopaxi, so we supposed that we won’t have any problems to enter there. And finally we were right. The volcano Cayambe is 5.796 m high and with its altitude the third highest mountain in Ecuador. The volcano is a complex volcano. This type of volcano occurs in location of principal vent area and asks the mountain climber for good mountain reading abilities.

The first man to climb actually this volcano was Edward Whymper from England. He actually also did the Chimborazo and nowadays the refugee at 5.000 m is named after him. But from the Chimborazo you soon will read more in my next articles.

Fair enough, now we were prepared to start our expedition to the volcano Cayambe. We left Quito in bus and got to the city Cayambe. From there we went up with the Jeep to the refugee “Ruales Oleas Bergé” which is located at 4.600 m.

We only left late the city Cayambe which, I think, was my fault because I was a bit sick – bad stomach and the flu. So I took my time in Quito and in Cayambe for the increase of altitude. We needed two hours to get near to the refugee. The Jeep had problems passing the road. It was really muddy with deep lanes.

Well there wasn’t any possibility to get straight to the refugee so we had the chance to walk the last bit, which was as well a good preparation for our peak climbing plans.

The walk was nice but there was a lot of cold wind and it was getting darker and darker. My friends already got to the refugee but I with my flu and bad stomach, I was slow and now as well really cold of the wind…got there of course as well but a bit later.

In the refugee we met two guys, one from Germany and one from Switzerland. They were really nice guys and they planned to do the peak this night. They wanted to leave in a few hours with a local guy.  After a nice talk we went outside to find a place to camp. Wow this actually was really difficult and uncomfortable – it was black and dark, with a lot of snow wind. But finally we were inside the small tent and found our sleep in a really stormy and freezing night. I hold my thumbs for the other expedition, knowing that this climate won’t make the access of the peak easy.

The next morning the guys from the last night woke us up to tell their story of their climb…but this I will tell within a short time!