Tayrona National Natural Park

During our stay in Santa Marta we visited as well the famous Park Tayrona, which is located around 35km from Santa Marta. We went with bus until the main entrance and from there we were walking to a nice beach place, called the “piscina”.


I thought as well that you can swim in the sea where ever you want. The sea didn’t look really heavy or dangerous. But the sign kept me from swimming in a non recommended place. We were walking around 2 hours to the nice “piscina”.


On our way we drank nice fresh orange juice. This guy told us that he doing this walk every day at 6am with all his fruits. So that is how some people earn their money there…

And finally we reached the “Piscina”.


After the break at the beach “Piscina” we separated. I wanted to continue walking in the park and so I was spending one night in the Park to explore the nature in the park Tayrona more the following day. The park offers some possibilities to sleep in a tent or in a hammock. I slept in a hammock. I didn’t expect that it will be comfortable, but it was really, really relaxing. I slept like a baby. As well the noise of the sea is really relaxing and nice.


On our way back to civilization we went through a small village “pueblito” of Indigenes. Well we were a bit disappointed because we expected to see more or to experience more about this “pueblito” which used to live there. We kept walking and get lost around three times. So if you want to walk around in the rainforest there, you should better get a tourist guide. It’s more secure. But for us it was good luck that we got lost. We met real Indigenes and we were allowed to take some photos and to look at their lifestyle and houses. That was really nice and awesome. We talked to the kids and asked if they know Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. But they said no. And when my friend asked if the know Germany the girl answered that she never walked there. Unfortunately they are not going to school. The father is doing some farm work, the mother keeps “the house” going and the kids are doing some light work, like binding a bag.





Santa Marta

Santa Marta – what a city! The atmosphere is really great there. It is so much life in the streets, so many people, but on a bank holiday everything is focused on the beach and sea, the city appears abandoned. More over Santa Marta has a really big market with many fruits and fish offering. This is really interesting.







Here some impressions on the way to the market. As well the bus to Park Tayrona takes off near the market. So we were searching for this bus to Tayrona to ask for prices and timetable. Timetable obviously doesn’t exist. Busses are leaving every minute until evening time and the price was really cheap. It is cheaper than a bus from the hotel.



And well a bit more in the north of the centrum we went to the beach and I tried typical food at the beach. “Ceviche” – a mix of seafood with loads of salsa: tomato and mayonnaise, sold by the natives there.