What a trip, from Bogota to Quito en bus…exhausting but really funny and interesting. Well we need to show our passport three times! One time the military was entering in the bus and was looking at the people in there. Well when the military force had a look at me and my Colombian friend he said to my friend. “Passport!” , “Do you have luggage?”…”Well let us have a look”. I was thinking that every time the Colombian people appears suspicious in the foreign world, outside Colombia. But then he turned to me without changing his expression in his face…Well so I got my fine, laughing about something and then in the end I had to open my backpack as well. The dangerous “viajeros” from Colombia …. 🙂 But so far Ecuador is a nice and cute country. Only the people here are a bit reserved.

Well and the best of all the countryside 🙂


Well unfortunately I could not resolve my technical problem, so i will wait until i am in Germany. For that reason I did not post. Today my trip through South America will start…let us see what kind of story I can tell afterwards 🙂

The two faces of Bogota

Bogota the big city, many times it is really difficult to leave all the air pollution, the noise and the busy lifestyle behind you. But there are ways! The only diffiuclty is to find them and to know about it.

But yes I heard about such an emergency exit. I asked some friends about it, they as well heard about it, but couldn’t help me further. Only this year in 2012 I found finally someone who actually went with me. This was good because finding the entrance to the emergency exit out of the big city isn’t that easy.

We needed to cross a funny and interesting subsurface way until we could finally enter into the natural “park”.

This “park” is not a park, it is “only” the mountain which is the borderline of Bogota. These mountains actually constrain that Bogota would grew more to this side. Anyway we went to a small door and we found ourselve in another world. We started to walk up the mountains, which actually was a really good workout and up the mountains we obtained a great view of the city and of course we gained a lot of fresh air.


That morning we only started really late our walk. Around 7.30am…so when we finished this little adventure trip we couldn’t leave the mountains through the same door because this door will be locked for security reasons at 10am. So we needed to cross a stream and climb over a fence and then we were back to city life. This was a great experience and the right thing to leave the city behind for half a day. Thanks to my friend 🙂 !



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