Stop and think“Pare de pensar – Stop thinking” says a road sign in Santa Marta

And this you shouldn’t be in your handluggage when you are travelling by plane:

Well I did not bring these things, so I could take my flight without any problems. The Check-in and everything was really easy and quick, so flying inside of Colombia seems to be really nice and easy. The airport in Cartagena made a big impression on me. It was really cute and clean, more like an hotel than an airport, besides I didn’t even realize that there was a runway while waiting for the Check-in…have a look by yourself:

In Santa Marta I found some other funny pictures: First of all I have to say that the Colombian people were really happy to see some tourists, some actually asked me, if they could take a foto of me…how strange, but really cute. To this happening, this “house-design” doesn’t really fit, but I like it though: “world-day against Coca-Cola and all the other multinationals”

And if you need some help of the state or even more from heaven…both have the same direction at least. So you don’t have to make a choice between the two instances…

This kind of things I saw during my travels in the Caribbean. But there are some more strange rituals. We start with the daily routine: the toilets…The first time entering in a Colombian toilet, I didn’t find any toilet paper. But strangely enough, this you can only find outside the toilet cabin. Of course there are some exceptions, but the rule is different. So first you decide what you will need for your business, and then you go off to your private cabin. Moreover there are no toilet brushes…I don’t know why, as well I don’t see any reason why not…but well perhaps the Colombians are cleaner then the Germans on the toilet…Better I don’t want to know. One more regarding this topic: normally you shouldn’t throw your toilet paper into the toilet because the system is too old to deal with the paper in the water pipes. Yesterday there wasn’t even running water in the university. What a disaster with all the student and their business. So my summary: in Colombia everything is possible and do actually happen. That is what of the one things I really love…every day is a new one and with a big surprise.

Moreover the colombians “speak” a bit of german. I found a sign “No smoking” in a bus which was aswell translated in german…in a very funny way.

No fumar / No Smoking is translated in german like this: Bitte, Nitch Rauchen. Well the correct way would be : Bitte nicht Rauchen. But well i had my laugh 🙂

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