Before my stay in Colombia I listened mainly to English and German music. Music from Colombia I didn’t know or at least I wasn’t conscious that these songs are from Colombia. What a pity!  Here are many good songs. For that reason I will start to post some nice songs every now and then.

First of all I want to present “Carlos Vives” con “Fruta Fresca”. Carlos Vives was born in Santa Marta and is a famous singer and actor here in Colombia.

After my stay at the coast in the Caribbean I’m listening to more colombian music. For example this on from “Sin Animo De Lucro”.

Well soon i will expand my blog, that i can put music on this site and not only the link. But today I wanted to present the song from the music group “Calle 13”.

So far nothing changed. I still didn’t expand my blog, but so far I’m alright with my possibilities in wordpress. And now I want to present another Colombian music group: “Choc Quib Town” it is one mix of everything. As well the language: english and spanish. But really impressive is that the Colombians live their music. I’m repeating myself, I know. But it’s just so amazing…well from Colombia I’m impressed and it is right. The only risk is that you want to stay – El riesgo es que te quieras quedar.  And this is risk is also be reinforced by the colombian music and of course the colombian way of dancing, singing and celebrating. Well enough of talking: let’s hear the song:

And today a song from the old rock band Ekhymosis which was founded in Medellín in 1988. The famous “Juanes” (Juan Esteban Aristizábal)was one of the member. The group played for 11 years together. I really like this song:

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