Tiempo libre y Fiesta…


“Nicht einmal in seinen schwierigsten Momenten hat Kolumbien seine Fähigkeit zu Singen, Tanzen, Schreiben, Malen und Bauen verloren.” (Rogelio Salmona, kolumbianischer Architekt)

In my first 3 weeks I had the chance to celebrate with Colombian people and to go to a festival. It was awesome, like everything here in this country. The first thing I realized is that the people here love their music & rhythm. And most of them have the rhythm and know how to dance, and mainly Salsa, Regaetton, Merengue and vallenato are played and danced. My tutor introduced me to Salsa, Regaetton and Merengue. It was fun but sure I’don’t know how to dance it properly. But since I will be here another few months, I should improve my dancing skills soon.

From the 6th to the 15th August it was “Festival de Verano” in the Park Simon Bolivar.

The 6th of August I was with Deivis and Rodrigo at the Festival. That day was special because it was also the 473rd birthday of Bogota. At this event “la 33”, “Willie Colon” and “Daddy Yankee” have played live in the park.

The concert lasted from 4pm to 10.30pm. The place was really crowed and everybody was dancing and enjoying the music. Furthermore everyone in my nearer surrounding was also singing to almost every song. It was amazing!

In my other free time I got to try Aguardiente and Tequila. There exists Colombian beer but it is much less famous than German beerJ and the taste is just not the same. But I didn’t expect something else, anyway.

In my university I met nice girls and they took me out one night. With us were Deivis, Rodrigo and two other friends. We were dancing the whole night…in one big group and pairs. And gosh they can dance really well. The music was a mix of Salsa, Regaetton, older Colombian songs and some, but only few, electro songs. It was a really nice atmosphere and an enjoyable night with the Colombian people.

On Sunday after a daytrip out of Bogota, we went to the apartment of Rodrigo to let the new impressions of the day pass. Though we only had one laptop for the music we were all dancing. It was really awesome as well.

On the 19th of August it was a special day in Bogota – it was “Salsa al Parque”. It was a big concert at the place of Simon Bolivar (have a look at the pics from the Centre). It was crowed and obviously only Salsa was played. After the concert there was a big and beautiful firework. Unfortunately I didn’t make any pics.

First week in Bogota…

Well let’s start a bit with my flight: it was long, although it took only 10, 5 instead of the announced 11, 5 hours, and it was exhausting. Anyway I got here with many thoughts to my beloved ones, who I had to leave behind. But nevertheless I try to distract myself as good as I can …so first thing to do is to learn Spanish! Although the Colombians have the reputation to speak a really good and clear Spanish, I can’t really follow them. So far I’m happy to get at least the context. Sometimes this is really easy…for example in the taxi: the taxi driver asked me something and I just gave him the directions to my home and said. Straight, right, left…and here we are, thanks. Not so much of an effort, but still.  “Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen”.

Moreover the city and its people is more interesting….and of course really difficult to describe. In my view its crazy, different, strange, cold and dirty but at the same moment it has such warmth and such generosity, that I’m just overwhelmed. Today we went in a bus to a  big shopping center in the south of Bogota. The bus was full of people – a Colombian guy compared it with “sausages in glass” – but still there was a woman with her child, who was sitting on the ground and having the deepest sleep I’ve probably ever seen so far. It looked really peaceful.

The other amazing thing is the traffic here – it seems to have no rules! Why do I need to change into the right lane if I wanna turn right, I just do so…so he turns right, the other steps into his break and let him pass by. No one seems angry with each other…they take care on each other and just do what they want. As I said, I’m not yet able to understand or describe this kind of equivalence better. But it is something which got my attention.

And so far everyone was really, really nice to me. They offer their help and try the best to comfort me. But though everyone seems to be nice, there are many guards, policemen or military on the road or in public place. I think that’s normal here, so that everyone can feel more secure.  It could be a dominating picture now because of the Fifa world cup 2011 (U20), which began on the 29th of July.

More impressions: At the airport they offered us straight away a tourist map and the same happened in the city. It’s really nice. One of my tutors told me, that Colombia suffers a lot from its bad reputation to be dangerous and unsafe, although it’s really improving. But because of the bad reputation he thinks that everyone who is coming to visit Colombia is brave. But still he asks the same old question (everyone asked me that) why Colombia? And of course it is not that easy to answer.

One reason which I just found out: The people hear loves their tradition, their music, their way of life and they don’t like rules…they just do what they think is the right way to do and they just call it “the Colombian way of life”. Moreover they are mostly hearing their own music and really live and love it. I only can tell now from my first impression but it is still amazing for me. So I’m curious to see, hear and learn more about that unknown country.

Hey there…

Hello everyone! Now my trip to Colombia starts and I’m really excited. I don’t really know what I should expect from my stay in South America. And I’m not sure how everything is working out, but somehow it will. So with this Blog I want to give a quick overview of my experience abroad. I got persuaded to start this Blog, so here I’m and I’ll try my best 😉 . On this site you can keep yourself up to date, at least a bit, but only if you like to mind my buisness… 😉 And please leave a comment, so I could improve my blog or my writing. And I’m always happy to hear some news from you aswell.

Hasta luego!