It is raining…

It’s raining a lot nowadays in Bogotá and in the whole country this leads to many problems…roads collapse, rivers overflow its bank, traffic is worse and people are more stressed than ever. Of course everyone get to his or her cozy homes.



Here in Colombia we don’t have any seasons, which mean no winter, spring, summer or autumn. Well here, especially in Bogotá, we have all these seasons in one day. When the sun is out in around 2500m it is really hot and of course it is really fast to get sunburn. Then clouds swallow this warmly yellow balloon and it gets cooler, with wind and rain it’s really cold then. It feels worse because there is no heater in the buildings or houses. And as well there is no warm place to go; it only helps to drink coffee, chocolate or eat something really sweet, which exists in one big candida in Colombia. But back to my topic here in Colombia the “winter”, I would say the rain period starts in October and should hopefully stop in December. But nowadays we have sun in the morning and in the afternoon it is raining really heavy, so in a short time many streets are flooded and you only will return wet at your home place if you were out. As far as I was told, this period will come again around May. So let’s see what will happen. In this moment I’m only thinking about my travels because some streets/ways are closed…so I have to check if it is possible to travel in bus to my next aims.

El hombre nace bueno y la sociedad lo corrompe



I still can’t believe it. It is hard to accept. Now after almost 4 months here in Bogotá, Colombia, I was robbed. The timing was of course the worst…In the morning time I was organizing my visa for another 6 months in Colombia. Because of this reason I had all my important documents with me, as well credit card and other material stuff for my long day out. I got everything done in around 5 hours. All the time I was on my own and did take care of my surroundings. But later I was meeting up with two Colombian friends to have a snack. Then and there it happened – I felt more secure then before in the day and was a bit distracted with talking and relaxing. So I hadn’t my eye on my backpack…some guy should have watched me very carefully. Bad luck and I was robbed…things like this happen, but still I’m not happy about it! Some people said: Welcome to Colombia, how awful is this…!? I do think it is a social problem; there are a lot of tensions between the socials levels. They are really poor people, the mid class and the rich one. The poor ones don’t have anything; they don’t receive something from the stage. They are depending on people who give, on some small incomes, like selling candles or something else, or in the worst case stealing for surviving. But of course there are black sheep…in every country and city they are….you never know.

There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft… When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.

A man who has nothing can whistle in a robber’s face.




Sogamoso – Puente Rey

Sogamoso – first time I heard that name and I didn’t really know what and where it is? …but I found out. I was invited by a friend to come to Sogamoso for a visit. So it was only the question “How” for me at this stage…time for travelling I had, since Monday was off (Holiday first of November, only that in Colombia this bank holidays are off a bit later on Monday). Alright I looked in the Internet if there is any bus connection to this place in the countryside…and yes I was lucky, there is! A bus from Bogotá to Sogamoso! There was even one which goes directly from Bogotá a Sogamoso. I was really surprised. I didn’t expect that. Well to be sure about my first trip on my own I asked some friends which bus company is good and where I should hop on the bus. So they named some busses and said that it is better to leave at the terminal…this sounded a bit strange, because for the geographical reason the “Portal de Norte” is better, but I followed the advice. As well I ordered a taxi to my home place to be more secure. But of course in Colombia it is quiet usual that every day something strange happens. So I went with this taxi which collected me from my home place. During our way to the terminal we talked and the taxi driver told me that going to the terminal isn’t such a good idea because the coordinates of Sogamoso are in the northern part of Colombia. It’s better to go straight to the “Portal de Norte”. But well now it was too late, and I decided not to worry …but then, on half of the way we run out of gas, well the car did. So after trying to start the car again and again, I decided to leave and hop off the taxi and on a bus which passes nearby. The taxi driver said that this bus will bring me to another bus station where I can change busses to get to the “Portal de Norte”.

This story gets long in a way….well in this bus; I asked again one guy where it is good to change busses to go to the north. Well he didn’t know, but other Colombian people noticed me concerns and helped me. Almost all the people where telling me now where it is good to leave this busJ. That was really nice and funny because in the end they shouted: “Alright girl, here it is, it is right here…leave here”. To make it short, I got safely to the “Portal de Norte” without further obstacles.

There I asked a policeman where the buses exactly will leave…he only said:” ahh I’ll give you some company and show you the way”. We talked on our way and he helped me to find a “fast bus” to Sogamoso. It was fast, the only problem was that I had to queue for almost 2 hours. While standing there I was talking to a man from Sogamoso. He gave me some tips and as well I asked me if everything is alright, if my friends are here, when we got to the terminal of Sogamoso. This was really nice because it was already dark and I didn’t really want spend time waiting alone for my friends. But everything was good. My friends collected me straight away. But my anonymous friend from the bus made sure that I’m alright. Very nice, very impressionably.

I visited Sogamoso in the night time then. It is a nice and cute city. The next morning we entered the park “Puente Rey”. One or more artists might have too much time, because some of the rocks where painted. But it was really good art work. The structures and features of the rock did fit to the animal painted on it or better the other way around. I was really impressed and took loads of photos of these animals.

…how impressive, or!? I really spent a lot of time to look at all these animals and take some fotos, but there are even some more…It is amazing that someone did this. Someone with a lot of imagination and eyes for such thing. Just awesome it is.Would like to meet that guy.

But this animal is real! 😉




Santa Marta

Santa Marta – what a city! The atmosphere is really great there. It is so much life in the streets, so many people, but on a bank holiday everything is focused on the beach and sea, the city appears abandoned. More over Santa Marta has a really big market with many fruits and fish offering. This is really interesting.







Here some impressions on the way to the market. As well the bus to Park Tayrona takes off near the market. So we were searching for this bus to Tayrona to ask for prices and timetable. Timetable obviously doesn’t exist. Busses are leaving every minute until evening time and the price was really cheap. It is cheaper than a bus from the hotel.



And well a bit more in the north of the centrum we went to the beach and I tried typical food at the beach. “Ceviche” – a mix of seafood with loads of salsa: tomato and mayonnaise, sold by the natives there.