Day “3” – Machu Picchu

…the trip through the history of the Inkas didn’t stop at all. The contrary, we are going to visit Machu Picchu, which was told to be a place of refuge for the Inkas. But this is not a proved fact. But anyway Machu Picchu, which was built in the 15th century, is really awesome. I mean, how is it possible to build a city at this altitude in the mountains far from anything. Well it was a good place to build a city because in the end the Spanish people didn’t find this place during the conquest of Peru.

We started our trip at the train station in Yucay. There we went with the train through the valley of Urubamba to Aguas-Calientes.


From there we went in buses up to the entrance of Machu Picchu. The time in the train was relaxing, we got some food and of course we enjoyed the landscape of the valley. It was awesome. What a pity that the pictures from the moving train weren’t that great. But some are showable.


The Bus from Aguas-Calientes went through the mountains on a small road way. But I really enjoyed my view.

But when we arrived at the entrance we were all excited to see Machu Picchu.

After all the sight-seeing tour we were really tired. As well all the up and down gave us the rest. So we had short lunch break outside. Every visitor was allowed to sign their passport with a Machu Picchu stamp. Fair enough now my passport is becoming my travel memory.

Back down in the village Augas-Calientes we did some shopping. There was an art market, too, so we bought more presents for our friends. In the night time we eventually got to Cusco. First we went with the train to Yucay and then with the Bus the rest of the distance. It was an impressive day and we learnt a lot about the Inka culture.

On this photo above a guy is trying to conserve the cultural heritage “Machu Picchu”. In all the gaps there are loads of braids and grass, which could destroy the stone walls. For that reason this hard and neverending work of this man. As well they are searching volunteers to help to conserve Machu Picchu.

Peru, Day “2” – Cusco and the Inca ruins in Ollantaytambo

After an early morning flight from Lima to Cusco with an awesome view of the Andes we finally got the chance to see more from Peru. In Cusco we only had a quick stop to drink some Coca tea. This was necessary because we were afraid of the illness of altitude (here it is called: “Soroche”). Cusco is situated in 3.330 m of altitude.

On our way to the Inca ruins in Ollantaytambo we stopped a lot of times for taking picture, visiting a museum, which is called “Awanakancha” and a traditional art market. On the typical tourist stops you find a lot of people in traditional clothes. They want of course some money if you take a picture of them. But still it is nice.


The museum “Awanankancha”:


The traditional market:




The Inca ruins were really great. It is said that the God of the Incas leaded his people to build these city Ollantaytambo. This is one of the ruins which remained to demonstrate the construction of an Inca city. The technique to form and cut stones is very impressive, as well the construction of the walls. The Incas mainly used the trapeze form for windows or the stones it selves. The walls were built really well, the Incas gave every stone another form and built to every form a complement. This works like a big puzzle. So everything fits to another and is stable.

It was a very interesting visit. More of this technique we were going to see at Machu Picchu.

The next day we needed to get up early too because we had to take the train to the Machu Picchu.

Peru, Day “1” – Lima

Beginning of the round trip “Lima – Cusco – Puno”

First trip out of the country Colombia – and still, Colombia offers more…But now a short break in Peru. Of course we took the easy option: we went by plane to Lima, the capital city of Peru.


The flight from Bogotá to Peru was awesome because every seat had its own TV, so I was watching movie during the flight time. As well we got a whole meal and drinks, so luxury we had yes. But of course every time you like to enter another country, well at least in South America; you have to fill out a form paper saying what you doing there, what you want to bring in and so on. Well this kind of form paper is really annoying but well we filled it out during the flight. What a mistake! The flight only was around 3 hours or less and so I missed the end of my movie. Only 5 minutes were left, but I just spend too much time with eating and writing. But well at least the flight felt really short and when we entered the terminal in Lima we were all surprised how clean and neat everything was. So I’m hoping that Bogotá will improve its airport soon.

From the airport we went straight to our hotel. We were taking the coast road, a road besides the coast obviously. Surprisingly at the coastline there were a lot of “beach”-work going on. The beach there was being rebuilt and supported in many section. The sea is eating everything.

The first day wasn’t specular. We only had a short walk in the quarter “Miraflores”.  There you can find a lot of Casinos. Well we preferred not to play with our luck, so we only went for some food. I had the bad idea to order Ceviche, what is typical in Peru. I tried Ceviche one time before in Colombia and I liked it. So when the waiter asked me “Are you sure what you doing?” I said “Sure I’m. I ate this once before.” Well I got my dinner, it was good, butter after 3 spoons of it, and I had to stop. It was just too acid and hot. Next time I will order a moderate tourist Ceviche…

The next morning we got up really early to start our round trip to Cusco, the Inca ruins in Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu and the lake of Titica.