Border Crossing: Ecuador-Peru

100_7356My trip from Ecuador to Peru started in Guayaquil (Ecuador). From there I took a bus in the evening time, around 8 pm, I guess. Arrival time in Chiclayo was predicted to be 10 am. So I entered a bus and unfortunately it wasn’t that comfortable. The climate condition of the bus wasn’t working probably and the movie which was shown wasn’t that great either…moreover you could forget about the sight viewing during the bus drive because it was getting dark outside. Fair enough, I had a lot of thoughts in my mind and I was dozing in my seat soon.

After a short time before midnight I fall asleep when suddenly the bus stopped. We were at the border of Ecuador (Machala, I think). We, all the people inside the bus, had to get out of the bus to exit officially the country Ecuador.

Then half an hour or more we crossed the border, only to stop a bit after again to enter officially the new country Peru, this was in Tumbes, I think.

100_7355Everyone warned me before that crossing the border Ecuador-Peru is really dangerous. Luckily, everything went fine and it wasn’t dangerous at all. This could be because we the only bus to enter in Peru at that time – it was now 1.30 am. Perhaps I was too sleepy to notice some danger, but I don’t think so. But interesting it was indeed. Some luggage of some people was searched inside out by the police, only because they wanted to or because the luggage looked suspicious. I had luck and they didn’t want to empty mine.


After this we continued our way down to Chiclayo. At around 6.30 am we were in Piura, to let most of the people out. Piura is said to be an interesting town as well. But time is short so I wanted to go further south right to Chiclayo. And now I could enjoy a bit of the countryside. Well it is all deserts but still it was interesting.


But I fell asleep a lot of times. In the morning time we arrived at the town of Chiclayo. I was still tired and didn’t want to leave the bus but it was the final station. I actually hoped that this isn’t Chiclayo at all and that we will continue, but I had to live with it…this is Chiclayo. I don’t know why but the first impression wasn’t so good. But I think it was only that strange way to the terminal of Chiclayo. When I finally was in the city center I found myself in a small and cute city. That I will tell you soon 🙂


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