Beach and recreation


After being in the mountains and accomplishing our aim, the Chimborazo, it was time to relax and enjoy the warm climate on sea level. We splitted up in Riobamba, one went back to Colombia, we other both went through Guayaquil to the beaches of Ecuador. Out of any reason we chose Salinas. It was a nice and cute town. We needed to relax in the sun. This was brilliant! Unfortunately there was no opportunity to try surf…but this I got to do later on, during my travels. All in all we stayed 3 days in Salinas before splitting up and going our own ways. From Salinas I went to Peru, passing Guayaquil another time.

















2 thoughts on “Beach and recreation

  1. Me encantan tus fotos Chris, gracias por mostrar al mundo estos bellos sitios nuestros.
    Te deseo mucha felicidad, amor, alegría y paz para el año que comienza. Abrazos

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