What a trip, from Bogota to Quito en bus…exhausting but really funny and interesting. Well we need to show our passport three times! One time the military was entering in the bus and was looking at the people in there. Well when the military force had a look at me and my Colombian friend he said to my friend. “Passport!” , “Do you have luggage?”…”Well let us have a look”. I was thinking that every time the Colombian people appears suspicious in the foreign world, outside Colombia. But then he turned to me without changing his expression in his face…Well so I got my fine, laughing about something and then in the end I had to open my backpack as well. The dangerous “viajeros” from Colombia …. 🙂 But so far Ecuador is a nice and cute country. Only the people here are a bit reserved.

Well and the best of all the countryside 🙂

One thought on “Ecuador

  1. Hallo Christina, ich hoffe, Deine Reise entwickelt sich super und Du hast viel Spaß und Freude an dem, was Du siehst und kennenlernst. Ich wünsche Dir weiter viel Spaß! Liebe Grüße aus dem durchwachsenen Spätfrühling in Kerpen. Brigitte

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