Well unfortunately I could not resolve my technical problem, so i will wait until i am in Germany. For that reason I did not post. Today my trip through South America will start…let us see what kind of story I can tell afterwards 🙂

3 thoughts on “Backpacking

  1. Hi Chris, awesome blog of your time in Colombia and NW South America. Really enjoyed reading it. I was TUD’s first exchange student at the ECI in Bogota. I just read your report at the TU international affairs office. My exchange was in 2006/07 at the Ingenieria Civil program – I took a lot of advanced courses and remember how much it reminded me of the old school days in Germany. However I learned quite a bit mostly on the cultural side as you mentioned too. I miss the outings we did back then Chia and Zipaquira. I lived close to 7ta and 147 which I think is part of Cedritos. Was a fun time. I did not get robbed but was close a few times during travels in the country. Still remember every moment of it. All the best! Matthias

    • Hey Matthias, thank you very much. Wow you were the first! I can imagine that you were travelling a bit backwards reading my blog, probably not so much changed. Thanks for writing to me 🙂

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