Official Blogger – Vitrina Turistica de Anato 2012

In the context of the new project “Official Blogger” we were invited to visit the event “Vitirina Turistica de Anato 2012”.

Every year this event takes place in Bogota in the “Corferias”, which is the center international for negotiations and expositions.

There at the exposition you can inform yourself about the tourist attractions in almost every Department of Colombia.



Furthermore many companies present their offers to the public, hotels, ecotourism, adventure tours or cultural and culinary details. As well you can inform yourself about other countries of South America or just enjoy the artists.



But as we are Official Bloggers for Colombia we were mainly collecting information about this awesome country. Well it is indeed amazing that Colombia is the first country that established this kind of project. So I really hope we can promote Colombia more to foreigners because Colombia is just great. And we Bloggers, we all fell in love with this amazing country.


So back to the “Vitrina Turistica de Anato 2012”: We were shown around and had of course plenty enough time to walk around and look at these things which we are interested in. In the morning time we had a little lunch break – delicious juices and empanadas.


Later on, Proexport offered us more of good food. We had pig, rice, salad and platano with nice fresh lemonade. This really was delicious. And for dessert we had a kind of Tiramisu which was tasting good too. All in all it was a really interesting day. Thanks very much for this opportunity.


Which I forget to mention…Last but not Least: We got a great black vest to start our day at the Vitrina Turistica. On the back of this nice vest stays “Official Blogger –”. Really great idea!

6 thoughts on “Official Blogger – Vitrina Turistica de Anato 2012

  1. Gracias Chris en nombre de mi familia y de todos los colombianos por enamorarte de nuestro querido país, por recorrerlo y promocionarlo como lo estás haciendo. Estás mostrando sitios, rincones y lugares maravillosos de Colombia que para muchos hasta ahora eran desconocidos. Mencionas lo que no está bien, pero destacas especialmente lo maravillosoo que encuentras a tu paso, apropiándote de palabras como feria, chévere, salsa y empanadas, que nos muestran hasta qué punto estás contagiada de Colombianidad. Saludos

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  3. Hallo Hallo
    Gracias por tus comentarios sobre colombia porque así muchos se darán la oportunidad de conocernos =)

    Danke –

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