Day „5“- Bus ride from Cusco to Puno

After a great day in Cusco we slept really good and the next morning we were ready for our long trip by bus from Cusco to Puno. I think it took around 10 hours or more but I’m not sure because we had some stops and so I don’t know exactly. Well if you look it up in the internet, the distance between the two cities should be around 500 km, which could be done in around 6-7 hours. But we were slower and with a good reason.

You just have to stop, look around, do some sightseeing, eating and drinking. First we visited a church, named “San Pedro Apostol” which is located in Andahuaylillas. This church is impressive and really old. It wasn’t allowed to take photographs with or without flash. So I can’t really share this unique impression. Yeah but 1-2 photographs I have…somehow.


And of course every place of interest offers possibilities to buy stuff.

After that we went further on with the bus. After around 150km we stopped at the ruins of Raqchi. Well you could see the rest of a temple. The last signs of this old city are impressive. But unfortunately there isn’t much information about the exact time of construction.



Well this man is not really working, it is a professional model. So you pay him, if you want to have a picture.

During this Bus ride we went over a pass which is over 4.300 m high. Well obviously at this altitude it was already cold and windy – so back in the bus and forward to Puno.



On our way to Puno we passed the city Juliaca, which is the biggest city of the department of Puno, but from my point of view the city is not worth visiting. There are many parts in the city which seems to be dangerous; well you don’t see a lot of people in the streets and the entire house are closed up. But in this city there is the airport so we had to go back the next days.  Another disturbing thing was that all the houses weren’t finished. It gave an ugly image to the city. Well someone explained this to us; you don’t have to pay taxes for your house when it is not finished. This why everyone lives in houses which look half ready….strange strategy of the government…


In the afternoon we finally got to Puno and were impressed about the view on the lake of Titicaca. More about this beautiful appearance on Day 6…

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