It is raining…

It’s raining a lot nowadays in Bogotá and in the whole country this leads to many problems…roads collapse, rivers overflow its bank, traffic is worse and people are more stressed than ever. Of course everyone get to his or her cozy homes.



Here in Colombia we don’t have any seasons, which mean no winter, spring, summer or autumn. Well here, especially in Bogotá, we have all these seasons in one day. When the sun is out in around 2500m it is really hot and of course it is really fast to get sunburn. Then clouds swallow this warmly yellow balloon and it gets cooler, with wind and rain it’s really cold then. It feels worse because there is no heater in the buildings or houses. And as well there is no warm place to go; it only helps to drink coffee, chocolate or eat something really sweet, which exists in one big candida in Colombia. But back to my topic here in Colombia the “winter”, I would say the rain period starts in October and should hopefully stop in December. But nowadays we have sun in the morning and in the afternoon it is raining really heavy, so in a short time many streets are flooded and you only will return wet at your home place if you were out. As far as I was told, this period will come again around May. So let’s see what will happen. In this moment I’m only thinking about my travels because some streets/ways are closed…so I have to check if it is possible to travel in bus to my next aims.


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