Santa Marta

Santa Marta – what a city! The atmosphere is really great there. It is so much life in the streets, so many people, but on a bank holiday everything is focused on the beach and sea, the city appears abandoned. More over Santa Marta has a really big market with many fruits and fish offering. This is really interesting.







Here some impressions on the way to the market. As well the bus to Park Tayrona takes off near the market. So we were searching for this bus to Tayrona to ask for prices and timetable. Timetable obviously doesn’t exist. Busses are leaving every minute until evening time and the price was really cheap. It is cheaper than a bus from the hotel.



And well a bit more in the north of the centrum we went to the beach and I tried typical food at the beach. “Ceviche” – a mix of seafood with loads of salsa: tomato and mayonnaise, sold by the natives there.


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