One weekend I went with my new friends to Tocaima. It was a “Goodbye-Party” because one of them is heading to Italy to study there for 2 years. We all went with Bus to the place. Normally it takes 3hours, but because the traffic was really bad, we only arrived 5hours later. But during the busride I really enjoyed the view. It was really interesting and I wanted to leave the bus every few minutes to take some pictures, but of course this wasn’t possible. Instead one woman tried to earn some money during the ride. She introduced us to her singing skills. Her personality was kind of impressive but not her singing talent, so I didn’t pay for that entertainment. Moreover we lost a lot of altitude. I think the “finca”, village and other words, is only a few hundred meters high. So the climate change was immense.

When we finally got to our hostel, the first thing we did was to change clothes 😉 It was really, really hot and humid. So after lunch we just spent the day in the swimming pool and afterwards we walked to the village Tociama, which is really sweet :). Some impressions of the day:


Afterwards we celebrated in our hostel….drinking & dancing until night time. At 3am there was a really heavy storm so that we didn’t have any electricity in the morning. In the morning it was a bit colder but that changed really fast when the sun was out fully. A friend and me we walked for a little while after the breakfast.  Very strange: soup for with potatoes and meat for breakfast. But that is really in common in this kind of villages. Moreover, besides the soup, it had scrambled eggs, hot chocolate and some pan. Except of the soup it was really good. But back to our walk on the side of the main street….loads of people were out, enjoyed the sun, had beer or were just sitting there ;). We tried some fruits of the trees and enjoyed the warm weather. But after a while, we only wanted to get in the pool ;). Really sticky the climate outside Bogotá and it has obviously a lot more insects…but it was a enjoyable trip and I really looking forward to my time at the coast, the Caribbean 🙂 .


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